Localize your business for the Russian market
Attract Russian customers with intelligible, engaging and relatable content. We can make any type of content popular within the right Russian audience that fits your needs. We always follow the rules of human to human marketing to accomplish that.

B2B is our favorite segment to work with. 3 years of practise allow us to make top-quality articles, blogs, communication strategies, email newsletters, websites and more.
Our clients are both federal and international companies.

Our authors feel confident localizing content on constractions, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, IT, fintech, automotive, law, franchising, etc.

Here in GOOD STORY we love to work with complex topics.
More sales
According to Common Sence Advisory, 84% of users are more likely to buy a product when it is described in their native language.
Stronger brand consistency
Convey your values and mission to your Russian employees in the right way. We will make your HR documents make sence to local branch staff and will avert your papers from being calqued.
Bigger opportunities
Establish your presense on one of the biggest markets in the world. The population of Russia is 145 million people and the vast majority of them speak only Russian.
Russian audience prefers Russian websites and texts to foreign ones. And those brands who can offer a Russian option seem more approachable.
Make your audience spend more time on your website by convenient and localized content. The better your UX is, the more chances of attracting the audience you have.
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